Why Lease

There are many reasons to use a leasing solution for your next equipment acquisition:

Protection From Obsolescence. Leasing allows you to match the lease term to your determination of the equipment’s useful life. A TEQlease lease may include upgrade provisions to enhance your systems during the lease term.

why lease

Conservation of Capital. Because of the sizable cash outlay involved in purchasing new equipment, many businesses lease to conserve capital.

Soft Costs. What about the extended warranties, maintenance, installation, and freight costs? Traditional methods of lease financing usually exclude these “soft cost” items, however, leasing through TEQlease allows for inclusion of all costs.

Refinance. A sale-leaseback to lease equipment purchased at an earlier date may be available.

Alternative Financing Source. Leasing through TEQlease, instead of using existing bank lines, allows you to have an alternative source of capital equipment funding.

Tax Benefits. You may usually deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense, which may reduce equipment total cost of ownership. Although you should first talk with your tax department or tax advisor to determine its impact on your business, leasing is generally considered to be tax advantageous for most businesses.


Ability to Work within Budget Limitations. Purchasing and department managers often have the authority to acquire needed equipment, but only if it fits within operating budget guidelines. Many managers decide to acquire needed equipment by leasing because leasing allows equipment acquisition while remaining within operating budget requirements.