Equipment Lease Finance Solutions for the Motion Picture Industry

Our expertise in the motion picture and entertainment industry makes TEQlease Capital uniquely qualified and experienced to assist your organization in acquiring equipment with our low cost equipment leasing programs. Let TEQlease Capital take the stress out of acquiring the equipment necessary to support your business. We can help you take advantage of:

  • Low up front costs
  • 100% financing including installation, training, software, and other soft costs
  • A variety of payment options from 12 to 72 months
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Completely customize your terms to meet business specific needs
  • Tax benefits including Section 179
Film Slate

Approved Entertainment

  • Camera Equipment
  • Grip and Lighting
  • Transportation
  • Production
  • Camera Cranes/Jibs
 Equipment Includes:

  • Aerial Services
  • Sound equipment
  • Craft service
  • Animation
  • Live Broadcasting

And more….

TEQlease Capital takes care of all your financing needs and lets you concentrate on running your business and serving your customers. We have helped hundreds of organizations in the entertainment industry acquire equipment.  Whether your needs include taking advantage of new technology, increasing your equipment inventory, getting new computers and networking equipment to update your technology infrastructure or just about anything else, TEQlease Capital can provide an equipment lease and finance solution that will conserve cash flow, accelerate tax benefits, and meet return on investment (ROI) projections.Call TEQlease Capital today at (818) 222-1006!

Movie Production Equipment Financing