TEQlease Education Finance Provides Equipment Lease Financing To The Academy Charter School

Calabasas, CA February 19, 2015 — TEQlease Education Finance, a nationwide provider of equipment lease financing solutions, announced today that the company has provided The Academy Charter School, a New York K-7 charter school, with a comprehensive equipment lease financing solution for IT infrastructure equipment, security systems, school furniture and other equipment for its new building and school expansion in Hempstead, New York.

“As part of our mission we offer an exceptional interdisciplinary curriculum in a technology-rich environment that challenges students to explore connections across subjects and use experiential learning to bridge the gaps between theory and practice,” said Wayne Haughton, Executive Director of The Academy Charter School. “The financing from TEQlease has allowed us the flexibility and customization we needed to expand into a new building to accommodate the newly introduced middle school.”

“The Academy Charter School is an innovative school and we are very pleased to provide the equipment lease financing that the school required to expand,” said Mike Lockwood, president of TEQlease Education Finance. “We are deeply committed to helping public, private and charter schools with the funding they need to educate their students. In addition, we are excited to be part of such a special project, and we take pride in knowing that our efforts go to an excellent cause and help shape the minds of the future.”

ABOUT The Academy Charter School

The Academy Charter School is a New York based charter school in operation since 2009. The Academy Charter School currently caters to students K-7 and is expanding to host grade 8 in coming years. The Academy Charter School provides an exceptional interdisciplinary curriculum that allows their students to thrive both in and out of the classroom. For more information, please contact The Academy Charter School at 516-408-2200.


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Erin Rauch

Marketing Administrator
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