TEQlease Capital and Blocksi, Inc. to Provide Customer Software Lease Financing Program

TEQlease Capital and Blocksi, Inc. announced today they have entered a strategic relationship to provide a comprehensive software lease financing program for Blocksi customers. Under the Lease Financing Program, customers will be able to lease innovative and powerful cloud content filtering for GSuite managed Chromebooks and Windows OS devices.

Blocksi, founded in 2011 and headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, is dedicated to providing innovative and powerful cloud content to the K-12 education market. “TEQlease Capital has helped us provide an extensive lease financing program that serves our customers well,” said *blocksi contact*. “This program will make leasing options more widely available and will make it even easier to acquire Blocksi products.”

TEQlease’s Senior Account Manager, Erika Aguirre, has been working closely with the team at Blocksi and commented on the relationship. “Blocksi immediately saw the value of having a lease financing relationship with TEQlease. The comprehensive program TEQlease built, along with consistent training with Blocksi’s reps, has helped Blocksi have leverage over their competition by offering payment solutions to customers at no cost to them. Working with Blocksi was a great experience that allowed us to build a strong lease financing program.”

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