ICU Technologies and TEQlease Capital Create Partnership to Help Local Governments and School Districts

ICU Technologies and TEQlease Capital Create Partnership to Help Local Governments and School Districts Affected by Impending Budget Cuts with Security Equipment Leasing Options.
ICU Technologies, Inc. and TEQlease Capital are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership to provide ICU Technologies’ public safety and security solutions to local government agencies and public-school district customers with equipment lease financing options.
“The timing for this partnership could not be better as local governments, police departments, and public-school systems face potentially steep budget cuts due to Covid-19,” described Brian Van Norman, CEO of ICU Technologies. “These departments are looking to optimize and re-invent themselves and ICU Technologies can play a vital role in those efforts. Our partnership with TEQlease Capital helps these critical government services fund the necessary purchases,” Brian concluded.
“We look forward to working with ICU Technologies to deliver best-in-class lease financing solutions, to help make ICU’s solutions budget-friendly and affordable,” pronounced Mike Lockwood, President of TEQlease Capital.
Founded in 2010, ICU Technologies offers public safety security technology solutions to local government, law enforcement agencies, and public-school systems from elementary through universities. For more information call 1.530.488.7200 .
TEQlease Capital leases and finances new and used equipment to all businesses regardless of industry. Contact TEQlease Capital at 1.818.222.1006.

TEQlease Capital Provides Financing Solution For Socal Juniors Volleyball

TEQlease Capital provided Socal Juniors Volleyball, located in Southern California, with a comprehensive financing solution for sport flooring and volleyball equipment.  The equipment will allow Socal Juniors Volleyball to continue to have outstanding facilities and ensure it remains one of the top volleyball clubs in the state.

“It was a pleasure working with Micah on this project, and I look forward to seeing how our work positively impacts the club.” said TEQlease Senior Account Executive Dirk Onink.  “I’m pleased to have provided a lease structure that satisfied our client’s business and budgetary needs.”

Based in Cypress, California,  SCJV began as two independent clubs.  These clubs were So-Cal Elite, owned and operated by Micah Burpo, and Cal Juniors, owned and operated by Brian Gimmillaro. With a history spanning back as far as 1977 they are one of the longest running original clubs of Junior Volleyball in the Country.  Now with a recent merger they have become So-Cal Juniors Volleyball Club and are owned and operated by Micah Burpo with 25+ teams and 40+ staff members to serve you.  Visit them on the web at

TEQlease Capital is a nationwide provider of equipment lease financing solutions across all industries.  In the hospitality industry, TEQlease Capital provides lease solutions for golf equipment, fitness equipment, restaurant equipment, telephony, media equipment, television solutions, IT infrastructure, wireless solutions and more.


TEQlease Releases White Paper Guide to Equipment Lease Financing for Charter Schools

TEQlease Education Finance has released a white paper to provide a guide to charter schools about equipment lease financing solutions, general lease terms, best practices, specific challenges for charter schools, how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to achieve the best results.

The paper, titled “A Guide to Equipment Lease Financing for Charter Schools” and authored by Michael Lockwood, President of TEQlease Education Finance, discusses the top questions charter schools have about equipment lease finance.

Unlike the financing methods involved in operations or real estate financing, the issues surrounding equipment lease financing (for everything from furniture to computers) tend to be different.  And charter schools have been significantly underserved in this area. With 7,000 charters and 3 million charter school students, charter schools are an increasingly important part of the education landscape.  But charter schools differ from public schools in several important aspects that impact equipment lease financing.

Please send your request for a copy of the white paper to Gina Capetillo ( or Erin Rauch ( at 844-222-1006.