Federal Reserve Increases Rates

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve raised its short-term interest rate. This was the first time in 2016.

It’s been widely reported that this signifies the Fed’s confidence in the improving US economy.  This change affects milliions of Americans, including business owners making plans for 2017.

The Fed also indicated that we should expect 3 more rate hikes in 2017.

“This is both good news and bad news” said Mike Lockwood, President of TEQlease.  “It’s good news that most people expect the economy to continue to improve.  But it’s bad news if businesses don’t use fixed-rate, fixed-term financing whenever possible.  This should be factored in to planning decisions for the new year.”

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The Material Handling Equipment Market Is On the Rise

A new Global Handling and Lifting Equipment Market research report has recently been released.  The report, which was put together by experts

through detailed market analysis, covers the industry landscape and prospective growth over the next four years.

The report states that the material handling equipment market is expected to grow by 10.57% between now and the year 2020.  This includes any type of equipment used in the transportation and storage of materials and assemblies.

To read the full article, click here.

For those looking to purchase material handling, or any type of equipment, TEQlease provides lease financing options to make it easier for companies to buy.  Lease financing not only allows businesses to spread out the acquisition costs of the equipment, but it also may provide tax advantages, protection from obsolescence, and improved cash flow.  These benefits coupled with low interest rates make for an opportune time to finance or lease your new equipment, as well as to offer financing to your customers for those who sell equipment. Continue reading “The Material Handling Equipment Market Is On the Rise”

Low Rates Remain For Now

The Federal Reserve and Janet Yellen have decided not to raise interest rates following Wednesday’s end to a two-day meeting.

The decision was mainly due to a poor May jobs report as well as an economic growth forecast dropping from 2.2% to 2.0%.  This is the second time this year that the FED has lowered its expectations for the growth of the US economy.

Click here to read the full article from CNN.

The next possible action for an interest rate increase is in July when the Fed meets next.

So what does this mean for businesses?  It means it’s time to take advantage of the historically low rates before they’re gone.  It is important to lock in rates now while they are still low. We’re seeing a surge in equipment financing due to the realization that the economic and financial landscape may soon be changing.  The opportune time to buy and finance equipment is now.

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Strong Hospitality Growth in April and May

After a rough first quarter, the US economy is showing positive signs so far in Q2.  The hotel industry also showed a rebound in April and May after a sluggish start to the year.

According to Hotel News Now, the hotel industry saw growth in both occupancy and rate, and this contributed to making April the strongest month of the year so far for revenue-per- available-room growth.  Consumer spending also reached its highest level since August 2009.  With continued strong numbers into the end of May, many industry experts are projecting a prosperous summer for the hotel industry.

If your hotel is thinking about purchasing equipment, now is the time to buy and consider financing.  Hotel owners are taking advantage of the strong industry numbers and conserving their capital through financing in order to maximize the amount of equipment they can acquire.  This coupled with relatively low interest rates, makes it the ideal time to buy.  As evidenced by the December interest rate increase, we are now officially in an economic environment with rising interest rates.  The longer you wait to buy, the more expensive financing becomes.  It is important to lock in your rate before they increase again. Continue reading “Strong Hospitality Growth in April and May”

Demand for Equipment Remains High Despite Low Consumer Confidence

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association has released its Monthly Leasing and Finance Index.  The report, which shows economic activity from 25 companies from the equipment finance sector, showed that the Monthly Confidence Index decreased from an April index of 59.1, to a May index of 55.1.  Many analysts attribute the declining levels to a combination of economic and political instability.

Despite the declining confidence index, demand for capital equipment is remaining steady.  This coupled with relatively low interest rates makes it a good time to acquire equipment.  Financing remains the best option for business owners who need to purchase equipment yet do not have or want to use existing capital.  It allows businesses to preserve cash in this relatively unstable economic time.

“The demand for capital equipment financing has been strong through the first two quarters of the year, and we only expect it to continue to grow moving forward,” said Mike Lockwood, President of TEQlease Capital.  “Equipment lease financing offers the perfect solution to business owners needing to expand yet that are uncomfortable paying up front the full cost of equipment during this uncertain economic time.”

Want to find out if lease financing is right for you?  Call us at (818) 222-1006 to learn more or to receive a free quote on your next equipment purchase.

About TEQlease
TEQlease Capital provides equipment lease financing solutions for businesses and educational institutions in the United States. TEQlease Capital also offers equipment vendor lease finance programs across all industries. To learn more about TEQlease Capital, visit our website at www.TEQlease.com.

Industry Leaders Say Now Is The Time To Acquire New Equipment For Your Hotel

At this year’s Hunter Hotel Conference, “Hotel News Now” asked eight hotel executives what hotel owners should concentrate on this year.  The executives said that now is the time for hotel owners to invest in their properties, in the form of upgraded technology, facilities, furniture, and any equipment a hotel needs to improve their property and build customer experience and loyalty.

TEQlease Capital helps hotels acquire needed equipment by providing customized lease financing solutions.  Some examples are below.  But first, here is what two of the executives had to say.

Elie Maalouf CEO, The Americas, InterContinental Hotels Group

“I think it’s a really good time to focus on your properties. I think it’s a good time to understand what the focused investments (are), the key strategic investments you can make in your properties to put yourself in a position for when things might slow down a little bit and you want to be in a strong share position. What are the technology investments you want to make? What are the renovation investments you want to make right now while costs are still pretty good?”

Steve Joyce President and CEO, Choice Hotels International

“Make investments now because at some point, things will slow down to a much more normal rate. Get your projects done and open into 2018. If you’re going to invest in your property, do it before the end of 2018, and we’ll see what happens.”

Read what the rest of the executives said here

TEQlease Capital Provides Financing to Starpass Resort & Spa for Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

If your hotel is looking to upgrade or acquire new equipment, visit us at www.teqlease.com or click here to set up a time to talk and get a no obligation lease financing consultation.

TEQlease Capital is a nationwide provider of equipment lease financing solutions across all industries.  In the hospitality industry, TEQlease Capital provides lease solutions for golf equipment, fitness equipment, restaurant equipment, telephony, media equipment, television solutions, IT infrastructure, wireless solutions and more.


FASB Issues Update On Equipment Lease Accounting

The Financial Accounting Standards Board has just released new regulations on the accounting of lease finance transactions.

According to Accounting Web, the new standards will affect those that lease equipment, and it will require companies that lease assets to show on their balance sheet “the assets and liabilities for the rights and obligations created by those leases.”

“Under the new FASB guidelines, companies are required to disclose lease obligations much like other liabilities.  This is intended to increase visibility and transparency, so a company can be fairly evaluated by others,” said Mike Lockwood, President of TEQlease Capital.  “We feel this should not impact the ability of our customers to lease or finance equipment.”

Continue reading “FASB Issues Update On Equipment Lease Accounting”

New Year, New Equipment: Make Your Business Successful in 2016

It’s the start of a new year and many businesses are looking at 2016 as a year for growth.  According to Michael Lockwood, the President of TEQlease Capital, “There is volatility in capital markets, and the Fed has made clear it

blog image

will continue to raise interest rates.  However, the economy is also clearly improving.  With interest rates remaining low, business leaders are looking to lock in rates in anticipation of needed capital expenditures.”  This is based on the recent survey conducted by Pepperdine University, which states that almost 75% of small and medium-sized businesses expect to increase their revenue in 2016.  Reflecting this, a large number of companies are planning on pursuing financing as a means to acquire equipment and expand.

If your company is thinking about purchasing equipment to grow your business in 2016, now is the time to purchase.  As evidenced by the December interest rate increase, we are now officially in an economic environment with rising interest rates.  The longer you wait to buy, the more expensive financing becomes.  It is important to lock in your rate before they increase again.

If you are a vendor who sells equipment, now is the time to focus on using financing as a competitive tool.  As evidenced by the Pepperdine University study, businesses are looking to buy equipment in the coming year.  So why not make it easier for them to do so?  If used correctly, financing will increase your sales and your potential customers.

At TEQlease, we provide lease and financing options for all types of equipment.  We can get your business the equipment it needs to succeed or the increase in sales you desire.  Make 2016 a great year!

Economy Is Ready For Rate Increase

It looks like it’s time for an interest rate increase.

According to CNBC, the economic conditions and the financial markets are prepared for a rate increase.  According to Dennis Lockhart, a voting member on the Federal Open Market Committee, the economy is on a “solid, moderate path,” warranting the Fed action.

Lockhart, who stated the economy is growing at about 2 percent, said that he expects a gradual path of rate increases once the initial hike happens.  Another factor that is likely to influence the Fed’s decision is job growth in the US.  Since the end of the recession, America has added 12 million jobs and unemployment has fallen from a peak of 10%, down to 5%.

So how is the rate increase going to affect businesses looking to purchase new equipment?  What is important to remember, is that rates are being increased, but that doesn’t mean they are going to be high.  If what Lockhart says is accurate, in that the rates will be increased on a gradual path, you still have a chance to secure a relatively low rate once the initial hike happens.   Based on this information and that equipment investments are expected to grow by over 4% next year, late December or early 2016 still make for ideal times to purchase equipment for your business.



The Section 179 Tax Deduction Deadline Is Closing In

With the end of the year only about a month and a half away, time is running out to secure your Section 179 equipment deduction.

Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during the tax year. That means that if you buy or lease a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the full price along with the normal years’ depreciation, from your gross income.  This tax incentive was created by the U.S. government in an effort to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves. Continue reading “The Section 179 Tax Deduction Deadline Is Closing In”