TEQlease Education Finance Provides Equipment Lease Financing To iLEAD Charter Schools For School Expansion

TEQlease Education Finance, a nationwide provider of equipment lease financing solutions, announced today that the company has provided iLEAD Charter Schools, a Southern California-based charter school group, with a comprehensive equipment lease financing solution for IT equipment, tablets, IT infrastructure, school furniture and other school equipment for its Santa Clarita, Lancaster and San Fernando Valley learning centers. iLEAD Charter Schools expanded its offerings this year with the addition of several new locations, bringing the total number of iLEAD locations to 11. Continue reading “TEQlease Education Finance Provides Equipment Lease Financing To iLEAD Charter Schools For School Expansion”

Is An Interest Rate Increase Coming?

Eventually, the Fed will raise interest rates.  Right now, the question remains (as it has for months), when?

According to the New York Times, after the decision in October to not yet raise the rate, the next most likely date would be in December.  December is the date of the next scheduled news conference by Janet Yellen, the Fed Chairwoman.  These press conferences always follow the two day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, the committee that discusses and sets the rates.

Recently in a testimony given before Congress, Yellen hinted at the possibility of a rate hike, saying “At this point, I see the U.S. economy as performing well,” and that “December would be a live possibility.” Continue reading “Is An Interest Rate Increase Coming?”

Fed To Hold Interest Rates Steady: What This Means For Charter Schools

The U.S. Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged today but left open the possibility of a tightening later this year.  This was, in part, a response to worries about the global economy, financial market volatility, and sluggish inflation at home.  What does this mean for charter schools looking to acquire capital equipment?


In what amounted to a tactical retreat, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said in a press conference that developments in a tightly linked global economy had, in effect, forced the U.S. central bank’s hand. The U.S. economy has been performing well enough to perhaps justify a rate hike “and we expect it to continue to do so,” Yellen said shortly after the Fed’s policy-setting committee released its latest statement following a two-day meeting. But Yellen added that “the outlook abroad appears to have become less certain,” driving down U.S. equity prices, pushing up the dollar, and tightening financial conditions in a way that may slow U.S. growth regardless of what the Fed does. Continue reading “Fed To Hold Interest Rates Steady: What This Means For Charter Schools”

Middle Market Companies Bet On Strong Economy

There may be good times ahead for middle market companies in the United States. 

According to an American Express Survey, the vast majority of these companies (defined as companies with revenue between $10 million and $1 billion annually) are expecting the economy to either grow or have a positive effect on their business.Middle Market Companies Bet On Strong Economy Picture

The survey further said that most of these companies, in addition to having more employees than they did a year ago, are planning to continue to hire even more full time employees.  They report seeing new customers and plan to expand to support those new customers.

“Middle market companies have an optimistic view on the economy and their business prospects.  We can already see this having an impact in terms of job numbers, with current employment numbers up and robust plans for future hiring.” 

Tom Tierney, Senior Vice President, U.S. Middle Market, American Express Global Corporate Payments

With the prediction of future smooth economic sailing, there also comes with it the debate on which growth path is the best for companies to take.  Continue reading “Middle Market Companies Bet On Strong Economy”

Lease Financing Helps Close the Deal

At TEQlease, one of our divisions focuses on technology financing.  In one recent transaction, it was the

Mobile World

financing that helped address the final objections and close the deal.

The transaction in question was for approximately $84,000.  It involved some technology equipment for a local school district.  We had a previous relationship with the school district and were brought in by the equipment vendor who was also a partner of ours.  It was a very competitive situation and our vendor partner had already gone through several rounds of tough negotiations with the school’s budget office.

What finally won the deal for this vendor?  Once we understood the specific budgetary considerations, we were able to put together a financing option that allowed the school district to meet two critical needs: Continue reading “Lease Financing Helps Close the Deal”

Survey of Equipment Finance Decision Makers

According to a recent survey of decision makers in the Equipment Financing space by Sawbux Marketing (here) the majority of equipment vendors are “regularly” looking for new lending relationships.  And the standards these vendors are requiring continues to increase.

To many financing partners, servicing a vendor used to mean sending out a pad of applications, setting up an 800 number and expecting applications to come rushing in.  Those days are gone!  For a financing source to earn the right to do business with a vendor, it needs to demonstrate the ability to truly add value.  This is much more than asking for applications.  It’s much more than just offering low rates.  (87% viewed banks as low rate sources who were “slow and restrictive”)  It’s about helping vendors sell more products using financing as a tool in sales. Continue reading “Survey of Equipment Finance Decision Makers”

Classical Preparatory School Leases IT Equipment

Classical Preparatory School, a K-8 Florida Charter School established in 2014, recently leased laptops and IT equipment through TEQlease Education Finance, a division of TEQlease Capital. The equipment is used for Florida’s FSA standardized testing. TEQlease Capital, a nationwide provider of equipment lease financing solutions, provided Classical Preparatory School with a comprehensive, customized lease financing solution. “We are delighted with the equipment we have leased from TEQlease. The entire process was flawless and has exceeded my expectations in all respects. We are in the middle of our new Florida FSA standardized testing and right from the beginning we have had absolutely no issues! I could not be happier.” said Ian Tracy, Headmaster at Classical Preparatory School. The lease covered laptops, installation services provided by the IT vendor, and maintenance.

TEQlease Releases White Paper Guide to Equipment Lease Financing for Charter Schools

TEQlease Education Finance has released a white paper to provide a guide to charter schools about equipment lease financing solutions, general lease terms, best practices, specific challenges for charter schools, how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to achieve the best results.

The paper, titled “A Guide to Equipment Lease Financing for Charter Schools” and authored by Michael Lockwood, President of TEQlease Education Finance, discusses the top questions charter schools have about equipment lease finance.

Unlike the financing methods involved in operations or real estate financing, the issues surrounding equipment lease financing (for everything from furniture to computers) tend to be different.  And charter schools have been significantly underserved in this area. With 7,000 charters and 3 million charter school students, charter schools are an increasingly important part of the education landscape.  But charter schools differ from public schools in several important aspects that impact equipment lease financing.

Please send your request for a copy of the white paper to Gina Capetillo (gcapetillo@TEQlease.com) or Erin Rauch (erauch@TEQlease.com) at 844-222-1006.

TEQlease Capital Provides GL Veneer With Comprehensive ERP Software Lease Solution

GL Veneer, a Huntington Park, California manufacturer of hardwood plywood, panels, flexible veneers and laminates recently leased a fully integrated ERP software solution through TEQlease Capital.

GL Veneer’s operation in Huntington Park, California grew so much it had to expand and renovate the facility to its current 150,000 square feet. GL Veneer then also expanded to a second facility with 42,000 square feet in nearby Mira Loma, California. As business increased GL Veneer needed to implement manufacturing management software that would allow it to plan, execute and control production more effectively for its different business lines. Ideally GL Veneer wanted a system that provided easy, highly streamlined data collection with the capability to monitor business rules in real time and alert users and management only when things are headed for trouble. “It is a considerable investment to acquire the ERP software solution,” said Jeffery Levin, President of GL Veneer. “However, having this fully integrated software solution keeps users and managers focusing on finding solutions to problems with precision.” TEQlease Capital, a nationwide provider of equipment lease financing solutions based in Calabasas, California provided GL Veneer with a comprehensive, customized lease financing solution. The lease covers the licenses, installation, configuration and implementation of the software, in a phased deployment of capital based on the software integrators billings.

U.S. Farmers Turn to Equipment Leases Following Profit Slump

According to a Reuters report, U.S. farmers nervous that slumping grain prices will crimp profits are increasingly leasing equipment instead of buying it, creating new risks for manufacturers like Deere & Co that could suffer from declining values for leased machinery.

Reuters reported that farmers, facing weak markets after years of cashing in on soaring crop prices, are readjusting to a new normal in which they scrutinize every expense, particularly high-ticket items like massive tractors and planters. The shift toward leases is the latest ripple effect from the downturn in the farming economy, which the Agriculture Department predicts will cut net farm income by more than 30% this year to $73.6 billion, the lowest since 2007. Switching to equipment leases allows farmers to take advantage of historically low interest rates and frees up capital for other financial needs, such as buying seed and fertilizer and paying farmland rents. To view the full Reutersreport, click here. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-farmers-turn-equipment-leases-194309005.html;_ylt=AwrBEiTDr.tUckYAhp7QtDMD