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    Welcome to TEQlease Capital Partners

    TEQlease Capital Partners is the investor arm for TEQlease Capital. TEQlease Capital Partners seeks to create value by identifying equipment lease finance investment opportunities in companies making capital expenditures in essential-use equipment for specific revenue-producing projects. We limit investments to equipment-related projects, but we do so across a range of equipment, industry, obligor and transaction types. We focus on building long-term relationships with investors, lenders, end user lessees, equipment lessors, and other equipment lease industry participants. All lease investments are originated and serviced by TEQlease Capital.

    Investors seeking the security, diversification, and return associated with a secured pool of lease receivables originated by TEQlease Capital should contact the company using the contact form here. Terms are: fixed rates; 2 to 5 year note terms; monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments; $250,000 minimum; secured; accredited investors only.