What is a 10% Purchase Option Lease?

A 10% Purchase Option Lease, sometimes referred to as a finance lease, is often selected by businesses who want to keep their options open to purchase the leased equipment at the end of the lease. This lease is most appropriate for businesses that aren’t ready to make a purchase decision at the beginning of their lease.

Here are three things to know about a 10% Purchase Option Lease:

1.  The lessee usually may purchase the equipment at the end of the lease at a fixed price equal to 10% of the original price.

2.  The monthly lease payment will be lower than the $1 Purchase Option Lease but may be higher than the Fair Market Value Lease.

3.  Provides additional financial benefits that may include depreciation and interest expense benefits for tax purposes.

Not sure which type is best for your business? Please contact us and we will walk through the options with you.

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