The Most Annoying Fees of 2011

Verizon backed down one day after announcing it would begin charging customers $2 for making “one-time bill payments online or by phone using a credit card”. The wireless giant backed down in the face of angry customers taking to social media channels to vent their outrage. Verizon’s turnabout was similar to Bank of America’s reversal in the Fall.

However, Verizon and Bank of America weren’t the only companies to announce new fees in 2011. CNN Money took a look at the others in their article “2011: The year of annoying fees.”

Airlines. Spirit Airlines is now charging customers $5 to have airline agents print boarding passes and next month will being charging customers $1 to print boarding passes at kiosks. US Airways has also raised its fees for overweight and oversized luggage on top of the “$25 fee for the first bag checked and $35 for the second.”

Hotels.  Not to be out done by the airlines, hotels also began hiking hidden fees in 2011. Many hotels are now charging Wi-Fi charges between $10 and $20. In addition, an increasing number of hotels are charging $1.50 a night for the safes inside hotel rooms often stated as “safe warranty charge”on the statement. Other hotels have imposed “luggage holding fee” for customers who have their bags held after checking out.

Banks. Although many banks moved away from their plans to hike fees for debit cards after the Bank of America customer revolt, a number of new fees were still passed on to consumers. Citi now has a $20 a month charge for customers that don’t direct deposit their paychecks and “fail to maintain a minimum balance of $15,000 in their combined accounts.” TD Bank now has a $9 per transaction charge for consumers who have more than six transfers in and out of their accounts each month.

What new fees were you hit with in 2011?

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