Apps Are Changing The Way We Market

According to recent statistics, we are all obsessed with the applications on our phones, our apps.  A recent study makes it clear that smart phone users are starting to spend less time on their internet browsers, and more time on their favorite phone apps.

According to the study, half a smartphone user’s time is spent on their favorite application, which in most cases, is social media.  The most popular of which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine.  As business owners, can we take advantage of this knowledge in the way that we market to prospective customers?

The world we live in today is social.  Customer interest is not generated by using the more traditional marketing strategies, but by utilizing people’s already established connections.  New studies show that a person will buy a phone if they see photos of their friends using it, people will stay at hotels if they see updates of their friends staying there and etc.

Will this affect the way your company markets to their customers?  What have you found is the most effective method is?  Leave your thoughts below!