JS Clark Leadership Academy Protects Its IT Investment with TEQlease

JS Clark Leadership Academy, located in Opelousas, Louisiana, has entered into an equipment lease transaction with TEQlease Education Finance. JS Clark Leadership Academy leased accessories for iPad Air’s provided by Otterbox. This is the fifth lease transaction TEQlease Education Finance has provided to JS Clark Leadership Academy.

“TEQlease Education Finance was able to assist us with our technology upgrade and acquiring all the equipment we needed,” said Tiffanie Lewis, CEO of JS Clark Leadership Academy. “Erika Aguirre and the rest of the TEF team worked very closely with us to develop terms that meet our budget requirements. They are really easy to work with.”

“We are pleased TEQlease Education Finance was again able to provide JS Clark Leadership Academy the lease financing the school needed to maintain its technology,” said Mike Lockwood, President of TEQlease Education Finance.  “Just as with JS Clark Leadership Academy, we can customize lease financing solutions for any school, and we take pride in doing it well.”

Students at Caurus Academy Develop a Love for Learning

Caurus Academy (located in Anthem, Arizona) makes sure that their students start every day in a happy, nurturing environment.  Their students learn by creating, discovering, and exploring a curriculum that is often connected with their personal interests.  This method allows the children to develop a love for learning.

But in the summer 2016, Caurus began experiencing issues with their refrigeration and oven unit.  They decided it was time to upgrade.

“Sustenance plays a huge role in the overall success for children.  Especially during their developmental phase.  One of our core values is intellect, and without the proper nutrients our children would not be able to fully excel.” Said Dameon Blair, principal.

“At TEQlease Education Finance, the children are always our first priority.  We are pleased to be able to assist Caurus Academy with the purchase of their refrigeration and oven unit” said Mike Lockwood, President of TEQlease Education Finance.

TEQlease Education Finance has a unique focus on providing financing solutions to educational institutions. Founded in 2000, the company is based in Calabasas, California. Learn more about TEQlease Education Finance by visiting our web site here.  If you’d like to schedule a conversation with one of our education financing specialists, click here.

Millville & Vineland Charter Schools: A Supportive Environment for Students

Vineland Public Charter School is a kindergarten through third grade school located in Vineland New Jersey. It’s sister school—Millville Public Charter School—is a kindergarten through seventh grade school located in Millville New Jersey.

Millville Logo

According to Douglas McGarry, board member and CFO, ““We want to provide a nurturing, supportive, creative and actively engaging environment for students that facilitates the development of well-educated and responsible young adults with a lifelong love of learning. Having updated technology is part of our mission.”

To accomplish this, both schools, in need of technology equipment, entered into a three-year Chromebook lease with TEQlease Education Finance. CDW-G was selected by both schools to provide the equipment, which included new chrome books, laptops, charging carts, and other accessories.

“TEQlease Education Finance is designed to assist educational institutions that need capital to meet their goals. We are pleased to be able to assist Millville and Vineland Public Charter School in this technology acquisition” said Mike Lockwood, President of TEQlease Education Finance.

TEQlease Education Finance has a unique focus on providing financing solutions to educational institutions. Founded in 2000, the company is based in Calabasas, California.

Learn more about TEQlease Education Finance by visiting our web site here.

If you’d like to schedule a conversation with one of our education financing specialists, click here.

TEQlease Meets with Schools and Partners at CCSA 2017

Last month, TEQlease Education Finance attended the California Charter Schools Conference in Sacramento, California.  CCSA proudly hosted 2603 attendees, 902 exhibitor representatives and 269 exhibiting companies.

TEQlease Education Finance had the opportunity to discuss lease financing with many schools throughout the duration of the conference.  Most were planning on purchasing equipment for the coming year such as Chromebooks, iPads, IT infrastructure equipment, school furniture and more.  TEQlease is often able to get schools more equipment by helping them stretch their budget with monthly, quarterly, or annual lease payments over terms up to five years.

We will be at CCSA 2018 too.  We hope to see you there.

For more information about TEQlease, visit our web site at www.TEQlease.com.  If you’d like to schedudle a call with one of our representatives, click here.

TEQlease Team Visits Westlake Charter School

Westlake Charter School  kindly hosted TEQlease Equipment Finance Specialists and staff Erika Aguirre, Jamell Dorton, Dana Andrada and Mike Lockwood on March 20, 2017 just before the CCSA conference.

John Eick, Executive Director, and Steve Korvink, Chief Business Officer, gave the TEQlease team a tour of the new school construction that will combine all Westlake Charter School K-8 students in one location this Fall.

The building, grounds and the collaborative thought process that will result in an incomparable educational facility are most impressive.  The facility’s collaborative design process sought input from teachers, staff members and Westlake’s community, and will ultimately result in a truly exceptional campus.

Westlake Charter School currently operates from two separate campuses, consisting entirely of portable classroom buildings. The new site is nestled into the North Natomas community and shares an adjacent city park for additional outdoor exploration and educational opportunities.

In addition to modern learning spaces, Westlake Charter School will feature a gymnasium, cafeteria/multi-purpose space and abundant technology to support the school’s commitment to a technology-rich environment. The new school is scheduled for completion in August 2017.

“All my customers pay cash”

TEQlease works with equipment vendors across a wide range of industries.  The common denominator across all of these industries is that we make it easier for vendors to sell equipment by making it easier for their customers to buy from them.

Occasionally, we’ll hear a vendor tell us that financing doesn’t apply to them.  “All my customers pay cash”, they say.

Let me be clear, if you have a customer that’s paying cash, take It!  (Of course, there may be an opportunity to up-sell, but that’s a topic for another time.)

But according to recent surveys, nearly 8 out of 10 businesses across the United States use financing to acquire business equipment.  You can review the key findings here.

If all your customers are paying cash, you’re probably leaving money on the table.  According to that report, “The share of cash purchases declined for companies of all sizes from 2011 to 2015″.  (emphasis added)

If your sales aren’t what you’d like them to be, and you’re not offering financing, you might be competing with somebody who is.

Want to learn more?  Give me a call (or email) today so we can get started for you.  If you’d like more information first, click here.


Chester’s Technology Refresh

Chester Community Charter School‘s motto is “Growing the Whole Child”.  As we all know, to do so requires desks, chairs and, in this case, a technology refresh.

To facilitate that refresh, Chester, located in Chester, Pennsylvania, recently entered into an equipment lease agreement with TEQlease Education Finance (TEF).   The purpose was to lease Smartboards and accessories provided by Visual Sound. TEF provided Chester Community Charter School with a comprehensive lease financing solution, customized specifically for the needs of the school.

“It was a pleasure working with Erika Aguirre, Brian Link and the rest of the TEF team. They were able to work closely with our technology vendor and make the lease financing process seamless” said Robert Olivo, Chief Financial Officer at Chester Community Charter School.

TEQlease Education Finance has provided lease financing solutions for equipment used by hundreds of charter schools. “This is another example of our commitment to providing solutions for charter schools so they can get needed equipment despite budget restraints,” said Mike Lockwood, President of TEQlease. “We have unparalleled expertise working with charter schools and we are proud of the positive results we can bring about”.

TEQlease Education Finance has a unique focus on providing solutions to educational institutions. Founded in 2000, the company is based in Calabasas, California. Learn more about TEQlease Education Finance by visiting our web site here. If you’d like to schedule a conversation with one of our education financing specialists, click here.

TEQlease to Attend the 2017 California Charter Schools Conference

TEQlease Education Finance, the national leader in equipment financing for schools, will be attending the 24th Annual California Charter School Conference sponsored by the California Charter Schools Association on March 20-23, 2017 in Sacramento, California.

Representing TEQlease Education Finance will be Erika Aguirre, Cory Huling, Dana Andrada, Jamell Dorton, Erin Rauch, Mike Lockwood and Greg Hubach.  TEQlease Education Finance has been providing equipment lease financing solutions to educational institutions for over a decade.  These solutions include financing for laptops, chromebooks, smartboards, IT infrastructure, school furniture, security equipment, buses, modular buildings and many more types of equipment.

Please call your TEQlease Education Finance EDU Finance Specialist to set an appointment. For more information about the conference and to contact TEQlease, call us at 844-222-1006 or visit us at the Conference in Booth 530.

Charter School Enrollment Tops 3 Million Students

According to an article published by Education Week (here), estimates of the total number of students enrolled in charter schools has surpassed 3 million.

More than 6,900 schools support the education of around 3.1 million students.  This means charter enrollment has nearly tripled in the last 10 years.

Even with this significant growth, it only represents a small fraction (around 5%) of the overall K-12 public school enrollment nationwide.

TEQlease attends Job Fair

TEQlease was proud to have participated in California Lutheran University’s Career & Intern Expo on March 7, 2017. This event gave members of the Cal Lutheran community an opportunity to meet with a wide range of employers.

TEQlease had the opportunity to meet with college students, recent graduates, and business professionals looking to gain experience as an employee for a well-established company.

TEQlease was represented by account executives and Cal Lu alumni Erika Aguirre and Jamell Dorton. They met with several prospects and discussed the job responsibilities of an entry level as well as the many opportunities for career growth within the company.