Students at Caurus Academy Develop a Love for Learning

Caurus Academy (located in Anthem, Arizona) makes sure that their students start every day in a happy, nurturing environment.  Their students learn by creating, discovering, and exploring a curriculum that is often connected with their personal interests.  This method allows the children to develop a love for learning.

But in the summer 2016, Caurus began experiencing issues with their refrigeration and oven unit.  They decided it was time to upgrade.

“Sustenance plays a huge role in the overall success for children.  Especially during their developmental phase.  One of our core values is intellect, and without the proper nutrients our children would not be able to fully excel.” Said Dameon Blair, principal.

“At TEQlease Education Finance, the children are always our first priority.  We are pleased to be able to assist Caurus Academy with the purchase of their refrigeration and oven unit” said Mike Lockwood, President of TEQlease Education Finance.

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