Managing school budgets and projects in this COVID environment is very difficult. We can help: TEQlease Education Finance has a team dedicated to getting you the equipment financing you need for this school year.

TEQlease Education Finance has financing options for all the equipment your school could possibly need. This includes but is not limited to chromebooks, school furniture, smartboards, playground equipment, school buses, gym and cafeteria equipment, IT infrastructure, laptops, PC’s, etc. We understand with COVID19 that schools opening this year looks a tad different than normal but we are here to answer all of your equipment financing questions. Our reps are experienced in public, private, and charter school financing for schools all over the US.

With our innovative equipment financing solutions TEQlease Education Finance has the best-in-class lease financing options. Learn more about TEQlease Education Finance by visiting our web site here or talk with one of our EDU reps by calling (844) 222-1006.


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