Financing Security Systems with TEQlease Education Finance

TEQlease Education Finance has been helping schools across the nation with finance leasing options for capital equipment projects in the COVID and social distanced environment. While most of this effort has involved student devices, this doesn’t mean other projects need to be put on hold. CARES Act funds mostly have been allocated to funding student device acquisitions rather than security systems budgeted for earlier in the year. Security systems are still needed and essential to schools to help keep faculty and students safe when on campus. With TEQlease Education Finance, there is no need to put security systems projects on hold.
Security systems typically involve hardware, software and service components, with an installation period of up to 2 months. TEQlease Education Finance will finance the entirety of these projects, and when requested can make progress payments to vendors during the installation phase. Lease terms are lease-to-own agreements with payments spread over 5 years. In some cases, payments can be deferred till the next budget year.
In addition to security systems, TEQlease Education Finance can provides leasing options for: school busses, IT/software, playground equipment, cafeteria equipment, etc. During the COVID19 pandemic, TEF was able to help schools and school districts with tailored deferred payment programs.
TEQlease Education Finance specializes in providing best-in-class equipment lease financing solutions for public, private, charter and religious schools across the United States. TEQlease Education Finance focuses on providing unparalleled service and on lowering acquisition finance costs, working with customers and equipment vendors through the entire equipment acquisition financing process. TEQlease Education Finance is a division of TEQlease Capital, founded in 2000 in Calabasas, California. For more information, visit or call (844) 222-1006.