Flexible Financing Options for Q4

Using financing as a sales tool to help close business in the fourth quarter is much more than just waiting for customers to ask about financing. It’s about understanding your customer’s needs and putting together a solution to address those needs. That’s certainly true when you’re selling the benefits of your equipment and it’s also true when providing a financing solution tailored to meet those needs.

To that end, TEQlease is rolling out a series of customized, flexible financing options designed to help our vendor partners sell more equipment. These are part of our special promotions available through the end of 2017.

These options include:


Deferred Payment Plan

This option is perfect for situations where it may take a few months before the equipment is generating revenue for the customer. It gives Vendors the option of making the sale today, getting paid in full today, and allowing the customer to defer payments for as long as 90 days.

Seasonal Payment Plan

This option is designed for customers with fluctuating periods of higher or lower revenue. Think of an ice cream store in Minnesota or a winter coat store in Florida. The customer can designate 3 consecutive months during any 12 month period for reduced (as low as $25.00) monthly payments.

Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual Payments

Different companies budget in different fashions. TEQlease has the ability to customize the timing of the payments to fit the client’s budget. For example, a Charter School may receive annual funding. We can create an annual payment option to mirror this. Or a contractor might get paid on a quarterly basis. We can schedule the financing payments accordingly.

Residual Programs

If it helps close a sale, we have the ability to “backload” a transaction and thereby keep the payments especially low. For example, we can defer 10%, 20%, even 30% as an end of term residual payment. As a result, the customer’s monthly payment would go down accordingly.

“Same as Cash”

Need a special program similar to the “5 years, 0% interest” programs you see on TV? Let’s talk! We have experience putting these together for qualified vendor partners.

Which of these programs would be most helpful to you? We’d be happy to discuss how these options can work in your business and help you close more equipment sales faster. Want to learn more? Give me a call (or email) today so we can get started for you. If you’d like schedule a specific time to talk, click here.