Reth to Lead TEQlease Hospitality Equipment Finance

Henry Reth has joined TEQlease Hospitality Equipment Finance as its Team Lead with the goal of expanding the Division. Reth joins TEQlease with over 10 years experience in Construction Project Management as well as an extensive background as an Account Executive. He will be assisting the Hospitality Industry and working with hotels to explore finance options for capital equipment projects.

TEQlease Hospitality Equipment Finance specializes in equipment finance and leasing solutions for Marriott-Brand and other hotels in the United States and Caribbean. For the past 10 years, TEQlease has provided pre-approved capital equipment financing to all Marriott brand properties throughout North America. Eligible lease and loan transactions range from 24 to 60 month terms, for fitness/gym equipment, phone systems, kitchen equipment, golf carts and golf course maintenance equipment, vans/buses, furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) and more. Transactions can be structured as operating leases and loans.