School Budget Cuts: How TEQlease Can Help

The effects of COVID19 are resulting in budget cuts for many schools across the United States. While school boards and equipment vendors are trying to find the best path for their students and faculty, there are looming questions about what projects to consider now and which projects to table over the summer. Trying to determine the overall impact of state budget cuts while staying committed to education needs has left schools with tough decisions to make for the upcoming fall. The delay in decision, as a result, has also proven to have a dire impact on whether or not such orders will be fulfilled due to limited inventory.

There is no better time to use equipment financing to solve capital equipment budget constraints, especially when we are experiencing such a low interest rate environment. TEQlease Education Finance specializes in equipment financing solutions for educational institutions, and TEF is helping many schools overcome budget constraints specifically using financing. Through flexible and cost-effective financing options, schools are able to acquire, update and replace equipment. With the uncertainty of COVID19 and the unprecedented measures it has placed upon schools we are working heavily to ensure a helping hand with budget specific financing, including options to defer payments for up to six months.

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