TEQlease Capital Offers Student Device Buy Back Program

This summer used student device prices are going to be at their absolute lowest. But rest assured, there is still value in these devices, which can offset some of the acquisition costs associated with the new student devices and technology schools are acquiring. TEQlease Capital through its sister company, TEQservices, is offering a newly refreshed Student Device Buy Back Program for all schools refreshing leases.

TEQlease makes the process easy:

  • We ship packing materials at our cost for your clients to pack the student devices.
  • We pay for all shipping costs.
  • Your clients pack the boxes, and make sure all data has been wiped from each device.
  • Any device that requires recycling will be disposed of in an environmentally sound way.

Schools can get CASH for used student devices when the school completes a refresh lease with TEQlease Education Finance. For more information, please visit: TEQlease Education Finance at https://www.teqlease.com/education_equipment_financing/  and our sister company TEQservices at www.TEQservices.net

TEQlease Education Finance specializes in providing best-in-class equipment lease financing solutions for public, private, charter and religious schools across the United States. TEQlease Education Finance focuses on providing unparalleled service and on lowering acquisition finance costs, working with customers and equipment vendors through the entire equipment acquisition financing process. TEQlease Education Finance is a division of TEQlease Capital, founded in 2000 in Calabasas, California.

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