TEQlease Commercial Finance Team Finances Link Belt Excavator for King Trucking, Inc.

King Trucking, Inc., a residential and commercial excavation and trucking company located in Eastford, Connecticut, has completed a Link Belt excavator lease financing with TEQlease Commercial Finance to more effectively and efficiently handle smaller jobs that larger excavators necessarily wouldn’t be able to complete. “TEQlease is a good company to work with,” said Douglas Anderson, President of King Trucking, Inc. “Luis Carmona and the TEQlease Commercial Finance team worked very well with us. We structured the lease specifically based on the type of equipment we were acquiring. TCF then worked with the vendors we had selected and paid for the equipment.”

King Trucking Company, Inc. was established in 1962 and the business has remained in the family for generations. Currently and since 2002 the business is owned and operated by the grandchildren of founder Otto King.

TEQlease Commercial Finance has a unique focus on providing equipment financing solutions to small and medium sized businesses and educational institutions. Founded in 2000, the company is based in Calabasas, California. Learn more about TEQlease Commercial Finance by visiting our web site here.

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