TEQlease Education Equipment Finances Chromebooks for Riverside Community School District

Riverside Community School District, located in Carson, Iowa, transitioned to distanced learning last year due to COVID19 and quickly adapted by refreshing personal student devices. RCSD was able to navigate online learning and give students the opportunity to learn from home with updated Chromebooks, with financing from TEQlease Education Equipment Finance and assistance of Senior Account Executive, Stephanie Epp.

“It was a pleasure working with Dr. Timothy Mitchell and the staff at Riverside Community School District, navigating through the challenge of product delays and device refresh needs all while students were on distance learning,” added Stephanie Epp, Senior Education Account Executive.

TEQlease Education Finance specializes in providing best-in-class equipment lease financing solutions for public, private, charter and religious schools across the United States. TEQlease Education Finance focuses on providing unparalleled service and on lowering acquisition finance costs, working with customers and equipment vendors through the entire equipment acquisition financing process. TEQlease Education Finance is a division of TEQlease Capital, founded in 2000 in Calabasas, California. For more information, visit https://www.teqlease.com/education_equipment_financing/ or call (844)222-1006.

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