TEQlease Education Finance and TROX Help Finance and Supply IT Equipment for Newest STEAM+E Academy in Puerto Rico

After 30 years of administering a proven effective curriculum for a charter school, New Jersey-based LEAP Social Enterprise, Inc. began looking to develop and open a STEAM+E Academy in Puerto Rico. LEAP’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago, knew Puerto Rico has been in dire need to provide school choice options and experience the potential benefits of a focused charter school. LEAP, TEQlease Education Finance, and TROX all worked together to finance IT equipment needed to replicate the learning model LEAP schools have in place in the New Jersey school.

Dr. Santiago commented further on the relationship and transaction: “We needed a funding source to be able to accomplish our goal of opening STEAM +E Academy and we were limited due to the school being a startup and located in Puerto Rico. There were a few hurdles we had to jump through but with Erika and TEQlease’s expertise and persistence we were able to acquire the equipment we needed.”

“It was a pleasure working with LEAP as they were well informed and provided any information we needed promptly. It was also great to be a part of their inspiring mission of bringing more quality school choice options to Puerto Rico,” replied Erika Aguirre, Senior Account Manager.

TROX, a trusted education IT equipment partner, played a big role in helping get all the IT equipment together and prepared in order for LEAP to be able to begin fostering initiatives such as bilingual and educational methods based on the STEM and entrepreneurship. For more information on TROX, visit https://www.trox.com

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