TEQlease Education Finance Announces Deferred Payments to Summer 2020

TEQlease Education Finance has announced its 2020 Deferred Payments Program allowing schools to accelerate needed equipment acquisitions while deferring the first payment to next budget year. The 2020 Deferred Payments Program permits flexible cash flow management, allows for better budget expenditure planning, provides earlier access to equipment acquisition, and permits prompt order entry and timing.

The 2020 Deferred Payments Program is available for all equipment acquisitions regardless of lease finance term or structure. Typically, payments are deferred 3-6 months. Interest is accrued for the deferred payment months and then spread evenly over the remaining lease finance term. Rates for the deferral period are exactly the same as for the full lease finance term.

TEQlease Education Finance Account Executives will provide detailed finance quotes, breaking out interest costs over the life of the lease finance term. For more information, contact your TEF Account Representative or call TEF at (844) 222-1006.

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