TEQlease Education Finance Helps to Provide Equipment Lease Financing for The American Academy of Innovation

Open for enrollment starting in 2015, the American Academy of Innovation is a public, tuition free charter school in South Jordan, Utah. As one of the few schools to be granted a state Competency-based Education (CBE) grant by the Utah State Board of Education, AAI refines its education offerings to provide students with the best possible opportunities for success in their futures. As the 2021-22 school year begins, AAI worked with TEQlease Education Finance and Senior Account Manager Erika Aguirre, to finance security cameras, a paging system, floor scrubber and MacBooks in an effort to better support students and faculty.

TEQlease Education Finance is well known for lease financing all types of equipment schools may need to have a successful year as well as offering programs to help schools amplify and spread budgets accordingly.

“We have been working with Erika Aguirre and TEQlease for over 3 years now.” Said – Scott Jones, the school’s Executive Director. “Once again they have helped us acquire equipment to be able to provide a flexible learning environment to meet the individual needs of students, teachers, and families”.

“It’s always a pleasure working with AAI. The school is efficient in its processes and always puts the students first,” replied Erika Aguirre of TEQlease Capital’s Education division. “AAI uses financing to spread its budget and to acquire the most updated equipment to give the students an innovative hands-on learning experience.”

TEQlease Education Finance specializes in providing best-in-class equipment lease financing solutions for public, private, charter and religious schools across the United States. TEQlease Education Finance focuses on providing unparalleled service and on lowering acquisition finance costs, working with customers and equipment vendors through the entire equipment acquisition financing process. TEQlease Education Finance is a division of TEQlease Capital, founded in 2000 in Calabasas, California. For more information, visit https://www.teqlease.com/education_equipment_financing/