TEQlease Education Finance Team Finances Laptops for Plumas Unified School District

Plumas Unified School District, a rural school district in northeastern California mountain country, has completed a lease financing with TEQlease Education Finance for laptops. Dana Andrada led the TEF team in providing a flexible financing solution, modifying the leasing process to cater to the district’s specific requirements for the lease of Dell Latitude Notebooks supplied by Firefly Computers. TEF then worked with Firefly Computers and paid for the equipment directly.

“Plumas Unified School District provides the highest quality education in each of their small classes and focuses on creating a family-like, community-centered environment. It is dedicated to ensuring students succeed to their highest potential no matter their current level. The school is growing and is committed to delivering cutting edge technology in the classroom” said Mike Lockwood, President of TEQlease Education Finance. “We were able to customize the lease just how Plumas Unified requested, and work with the vendor to quickly place the order.”

TEQlease Education Finance has a unique focus on providing solutions to educational institutions. Founded in 2000, the company is based in Calabasas, California. Learn more about TEQlease Education Finance by visiting our web site here.

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