TEQlease Capital Provides Lease Financing for Hawaii Online Charter School

Hawaii Technology Academy (HTA), an innovative online technology K-12 charter school, based in Waipahu, Hawaii, has recently received lease financing for desktop computers  and laptops for the entire student body from TEQlease Capital.

“In today’s world the Hawaii Technology Academy believes it is crucial for our school to meet the needs of each and every student by working in close partnership with each teacher and each parent to ensure all students have the flexibility they need to learn and succeed at their own pace,” said Jeff Piontek, head of school for HTA. “With the lease financing provided by TEQlease Capital, we are pleased that we can now provide every student in our school with the technology they need as well as equip our faculty to ensure the students are getting an excellent education.”

HTA has built its learning environment outside of the traditional school building to a web-based curriculum that allows students to stay connected to their teachers and classmates. HTA’s entire enrollment of students now has one to one access to laptops they can use for their web-based classrooms, online discussions and email.

You can read the full announcement here.

8 Equipment Leasing Tips

With just several days left in 2011, many businesses are determining whether to acquire new equipment now or to wait until 2012. Mike Lockwood, president of TEQlease Capital, recommends businesses carefully research equipment financing needs and determine an equipment lease financing strategy before finalizing any equipment acquisitions.

Below are eight tips for businesses to consider to ensure they don’t make any costly financial mistakes on their equipment purchases:

  1.  Do the math and determine whether the Section 179 deduction and bonus depreciation will benefit your business or not. Section 179 depreciation deductions and bonus depreciation are scheduled to be scaled back after this year.  Meet with your tax advisor now and determine whether deferring a purchase may have an adverse tax impact.
  2. Don’t make an equipment acquisition decision based entirely on the availability of tax incentives.
  3. Understand your credit and organize your financial information before contacting an equipment financing provider. Lease financing appears readily available for equipment acquisitions for the upper tier of creditworthy borrowers, and loan demand for these borrowers is strong.  However, expect the equipment financing provider to require more financial information than in previous years.  Explain in advance any negative results.
  4. Describe to the equipment financing provider what this equipment acquisition will do for your business.  Provide a projection of cost savings or incremental realizable margins.
  5. Don’t assume your bank or the equipment manufacturer’s captive finance company will offer the best terms.  Compare rates, lease terms, fees and options.
  6. Consider bundling multiple equipment acquisitions from different vendors under one lease with an independent commercial equipment lessor. Rates tend to be higher for smaller transactions. Bundling generally results in lower rates, and also minimizes processing fees.
  7. Don’t pay upfront “application” fees to an equipment financing provider.  Do due diligence on your financing provider. Use only established providers.
  8. Ask your equipment vendor for payment terms so you can defer a portion of the equipment cost, and coordinate deposits, progress payments, and performance retention payments.

If you have any questions regarding equipment leasing please let us know.

TEQlease Provides Computer Lease Financing for US Largest Charter School

TEQlease is pleased to announce we have provided Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS), the largest charter school in the nation and one of the high performing high schools in California, with lease financing for the school’s computer laboratories.

“As part of the GHCHS mission to provide students with a positive environment where they can develop both academic and practical skills, we are deeply committed to ensuring they have access to computers and other forms of technology that will be critical to utilize during their academic careers and future employment,” said Walter Wallace, CBO of GHCHS . “We are very pleased that TEQlease Capital was able to provide us with flexible equipment lease financing that meets our needs as well as our budget.”

With the approved and now funded lease, GHCHS will be expanding its three visual and performing arts computer laboratories used by over 220 students in the following instructional areas:  digital imaging and cartoon/animation; yearbook and photo production; and music technology.  In addition, computers in the music technology laboratory have specialized interfaces to receive input from guitars and musical keyboards.”

End of Year Tax Tips Abound

In addition to ushering in the holidays, the end of the year also ushers in a plethora of tax tips. Three articles that we found interesting are “Predictions for Expiring Small Business Tax Breaks” by Bill Bischoff, The Tax Guy at SmartMoney, “The Tax Mess Deepens” by the Wall Street Journal, and “More Year-End Tax Tips also by the Wall Street Journal.

Below are four tips from the above articles we believe are worth investigating.

Section 179 Deductions. According to Bill Bishoff, “For tax years beginning in 2011, eligible small and medium-sized businesses can immediately write off up to $500,000 of qualifying new and used assets—including most software, certain “heavy” vehicles, and equipment in general.”

100% First Year Bonus Depreciation. Bishoff also reports that “for calendar year 2011, business taxpayers can write off the entire cost of qualifying new (not used) assets—including most software, vehicles, and equipment in general.

Assets, for either the Section 179 deductions or first year bonus depreciation, must be placed in service by 12/31/2011 to be eligible, according to Bishoff.

Withholding. The Wall Street Journal recommends that if you received a big refund last year you might consider adjusting your withholding for the rest of the year. Kiplinger offers an easy to use withholding calculator at http://kiplinger.com/tools/withholding/

State sales-tax deduction. According to the Wall Street Journal article, “More Year-End Tax Tips”, the state sales tax deduction benefit ends at the end of 2011. According to the WSJ, the deduction “allows an itemized deduction for state sales taxes in lieu of state and local income taxes. The decision to take it is easy for residents of states without income taxes, such as Texas and Nevada. But it might also work for people in areas with low-income taxes who also had a large purchase such as a car, boat or engagement rings.

Vendor & OEM Solutions

We structure lease programs for OEM equipment manufacturers to solve specific funding issues.  This can include a complete outsourced leasing and finance channel.  TEQlease Capital will manage the entire lease process, from original end-user credit review, to documentation, lease administration and transaction closing.  Lease processing has guaranteed turnaround times, such as 24 hour or 48 hour processing, depending upon the type of lease.  TEQlease Capital pays end-user invoices timely, having promptly solved any vendor lease transaction issues.  Each lease transaction and each customer is handled individually, in a professional  manner and on a customized basis.  A TEQlease Capital OEM equipment lease program can also be a specific niche lease program, or support an existing lease program relationship by providing structured leasing solutions for a particular “out-of-the-box” lease transaction.  Have you encountered a lease transaction that warrants credit approval but doesn’t meet the requirements of your existing program?

We also provide lease programs for equipment vendors and resellers.  Most  equipment vendors and resellers have lease financing programs with each of the OEM’s they represent, which requires the vendors and resellers to deal with each of the OEM captive finance companies, each in turn having different funding requirements.  This requires tracking all of the funding programs and fitting equipment lease transactions into one of the programs.  At TEQlease Capital, we are “manufacturer neutral” – we will mix equipment manufacturer products in one lease schedule, at one lease rate and with one monthly lease payment for your customer.  And we listen to what your customer needs and we adapt the lease accordingly.