TEQlease Education Finance Finances Chromebooks for The North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory

The North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory, located in Sun Valley, CA, is a public charter school servicing grades 6-12 that utilizes the structure and discipline of a military model to provide an environment with predictable standards and high expectations for students. Since COVID19 Chromebooks and personal devices for students and teachers have become a necessary tool for schools, forcing everyone to learn online including NVMI. TEQlease Education Finance specializes in financing Chromebooks and worked closely with NVMI’s Operations Manager to make sure all students were equipped with personal learning devices.

““Technology has always been an important part of education, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that we were faced with the urgency of each student being given immediate access to technology tools for both on camp[us and at home. TEQlease Education Finance has played an integral role in making this happen,” said Matthew Kus, Operations Manager of North Valley Military Institute College Preparatory.

“Over the last 3 years, I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Matthew Kus, NVMI’s Operations Manager, and his team on their technology acquisitions through our finance programs. I am confident to say that NVMI ensures every student has an up-to-date Chromebook in hand to help them cope with today’s growing demand for virtual learning.” Replied Senior Education Account Manager Dana Andrada.

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